Hiking lovers will definitely be in their element when visiting Skagafjördur, as the region offers a variety of walking paths in scenic landscapes, for all levels. Here are a few not to be missed!


It is worth adventuring yourself in the farmland, as there are many walking tracks and scenic spots right at our doorstep, such as the river banks of Svarta and the hills above the farm. The Gloppa brook, for instance, holds many little waterfalls. Our good old dog Bytta will be happy to follow you up the hill where you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view over the valley!


Those aiming for a more challenging hike should walk up the summit of Maelifell, which is just over 1100 m high. You can choose to go from the North side, then the walk takes approximately 3-4 hours and the distance is 4-5 km. From the West side, on Maelifellsdalur (road F756), is a marked path, which is quite shorter. The view is incredible in good weather!


Austurdalur is a beautiful valley inland of Skagafjordur (road 758) crossed by the river Eystri-Jökulsá. In the valley is located the canyon and the farm Merkigil, a string ferry over the glacier river by the desolate farm Skatastadir, and the tiny church at Abaer. The valley offers endless hiking opportunities, with the hut Hildarsel located 8km South from Abaer. Please notice that it is not possible to drive all the way to Abaer unless in a jeep.


Drangey is an island in Skagafjordur well-known in Icelandic sagas and also a paradise for bird- and nature-lovers. In Summer time, a boat takes regular trips to the island from Reykir on Reykjastrond. The sailing takes around half an hour, but count 3-4 hours for the whole trip.


Thordarhofdi and Malmey are the two other iconic island and headland standing out against Skagafjordur horizon. It is also possible to sail there from June to end of August, and observe at the birdlife from a unique approach. You can also try sea angling on board and catch your meal directly from the sea!